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Gerald Dallas

Basement Finishing on Snellville, GA

JYM Contracting Services is happy to share with you our experience at the Dallas Residency. Back in 2004 this customer hired somebody else to help him finish his basement. After many disappointments and a lot of many expended, he realized that he needed a professional to do the job. He contacted us and now he is enjoying his basement with a unique contemporary style. He was very open minded when we designed the layout and ceiling of this basement. It was an style new for him but he trusted out team. His basement has served as a point of sale due to the unique lighting fixtures, finishes and contemporary look. Today, we thank him for all the great references he has given us and all the other business that we have been able to achieve for his cooperation on showing his basement to potential customers.


Illya Byrd


JYM Contracting Services, Inc. received a call from our now customer Illya Byrd. Mr. Byrd was stoned with the basement of one of his friends, and asked for the information of the company that helped him with the design and construction. His friend gave out our information and a couple of months later we were finishing Mr. Byrd’s basement. He had specific requests of the spaces that he needed. He, as well as many homeowners, wanted to keep the price low but at the same time he wanted to get a cozy and professional place downstairs. He wanted a basement that blended in with the rest of the house, this is why lighting, drywall ceiling, professional finishes and add-ons were key in this process. After 6 weeks, Mr. Byrd had the basement that he wanted. Mr Byrd did not have to worry about anything, since JYM took care of every aspect of the project. Today, we can proudly say that he is one of our many satisfied customers, and we can rest assure that he will call us first for any home improvement needs!



Diana Grisanty

Atlanta Home Improvement & remodeling - JYM Contracting Services

JYM Contracting Services, Inc. gladly helped our customer, Diana Grisanty, finishing her basement. We were able to help her on the design and construction of the entire project. She wanted the project to be simple, usable, inexpensive, but most importantly, professional. After sharing ideas and considering different options in various meetings, we were able to obtain the green light from the Grisanty family to start the project. After 7 weeks, the basement was completed and Diana and her husband became one of our pleased customers, all this thanks to our professionalism, but especially to the constant communication between The Grisantys and us.