general contractors

We can provide a full and pleasant general contractor experience on your remodeling. We are specialized in the remodeling of residential and commercial properties. JYM is an Atlanta remodeling company with many years of experience, outstanding customer service and a great quality of work.

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As a general contractor, we like to “get our hands dirty”. We take a “hands-on” approach to every project, maintaining the highest safety and quality standards in the contracting and remodeling business.

We would like you to consider us your one point of contact for any details or issues involved with your remodeling project; consider us your “one-stop-shop”. We can provide all of the services and materials needed to complete the remodeling, plus we will offer support at all phases of the project.

We have the resources to address any issues, assist special needs of the client and provide continuous budgeting assessments throughout the duration of your project. Our job as General contractors is not only to construct and remodel; We will also assist you by preparing a detailed schedule for the project, constantly evaluate our performance and approach, and always seek better alternatives to serve you.

Largest Projects

Here are some of the latest projects we have done in the past year. We categorize this projects as large projects because they take more than one month to complete and cost more than 100K.

Medium size Projects

Different than our largest projects, medium size porjects are our projects that usually take about a month to complete and cost less than 100K. On this category follows our basements, framing work, large decks, roofs, patios, etc. Please take a look at our projects below.