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Protect your home, waterproof your basement 

Your basement is an equally important part of your home, and has the potential of being one of your best rooms if given just the right amount of improvement. Many people with basements have never considered waterproofing them, when it could end up saving them thousands of dollars in costs in the future. The team at JYM Contracting Services can help you prevent such occurrences with our thorough basement waterproofing service.

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Why you should waterproof your basement?

  • Preventing the growth of mold

    Without proper basement waterproofing, moisture from the soil surrounding your home can most definitely seep into your basement walls. Undetected moisture seepage can lead to the dampening and eventual growth of mold on your walls, which is not only smells terrible, but also becomes a health hazard that could cause various bacterial diseases.

  • To keep flooding at bay

    Downpours are a common phenomenon of life, but can be a pain to you if your basement is not waterproofed. All it takes is a decent rainstorm and your basement will be turned into a pool. Proper waterproofing keeps you dry come all kinds of rain.

  • To protect your home structure

    Another effect of either flooding or just slow seepage of moisture into your basement is the weakening of important structural components, especially those made of wood. With time this could cause dangerous instability to your home.

Our basement waterproofing process

  1. JYM Contracting Services’ team of professionals will first make a detailed assessment of your basement and the foundation underneath it. Any points of leakage such as cracks or faulty plumbing are identified and promptly sealed, and plans are made to effectively keep the basement protected from these or any other issues such as seepage.
  2. If any flooding or water damage has already occurred, it is first remedied by extracting the water and conducting the necessary repairs.
  3. The exterior walls of the basement are lined with a membrane that keeps any moisture whatsoever from penetrating.  Waterproof basement flooring is also installed at this point to keep all parts of the basement area protected.

Any further recommendations to protect your home may be made by the JYM Contracting Services team for you as well. Our staff of well trained professionals is sure to carry out the best quality work that is steeped in years of experience among various basement waterproofing services out there.  Take it upon yourself to ensure that your basement is protected with the best waterproofing and your home by extension.

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