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Summer is around the corner and soon your power bill will begin to creep up. Everyone can become an expert when it comes to power savings. Simple actions like turning lights off when they are not being used or turning off your air conditioning unit when you are not at home can definitely put money back into your pocket.  These methods are well-known and surely ones that you have already heard of.  But keep reading to learn some tips on how to save that you have never heard before.

If you are like me, you can’t get more frustrated than when you go to your kitchen and see how every little appliance that you have comes with a digital display. They tell you what time it is or it might just have a little green light representing that is plugged in and the only thing it is doing is consuming energy. I walk into my kitchen and see the microwave, the oven, the coffee maker and the food steamer all telling me what time it is, which is just plain frustrating.  Do I really need five reminders in the same room reminding me that I am late for that morning appointment?  Multiple clocks or devices with power lights are just a few examples of the quiet consumers that you have in your house. Televisions, radios, and any other electronic device that has a light on when you are not using it are just making you pay money by the minute. Do yourself a favor and unplug these devices if you don’t need them. Hello

Other quiet consumers are refrigerators and freezers. Refrigerators and freezers must be plugged in and running year-round, no question about it. The problem is when we foot the bill to run them 365 days a year but only use less than 25% of their storage capabilities. It is a matter of productivity and efficiency. Many people in the United States have 2 refrigerators/freezers while most of the time the second unit only has 3 or 4 items in it. You are paying for the consumption of 2 refrigerators/freezers when you probably have space in one unit to put everything that you have that needs to be refrigerated. Let me put it this way: is it really worth it to pay another $400 per year for the consumption of a second refrigerator to store 5 pounds of meat and 2 cartons of ice cream?  I don’t think so.

An extra savings can come from the type of lighting you are using at home. Incandescent light bulbs are not energy savers. Consider changing your lighting for fluorescent bulbs. Not only do they consume less energy, but they also last longer and generate less heat in the house. Believe me when I tell you that they also make things look better. I changed the last incandescent light bulbs that I had in my house for fluorescent lights and was pleased to see that the room didn’t have that yellowish tint when the lights were on. You might even consider LED lighting when practical, such as in the kitchen cabinets or can lights on the ceiling. Because they focus their light where you need it the most, they require less energy to work and will save you money as a result.

These are only some of the ways to save money on your summer energy bills. Remember that this time of year is supposed to be fun!  Don’t stress yourself with high energy bills.  Instead, enjoy the outdoors with your family while you are saving at home.