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What to expect from a commercial general contractor

Commercial construction is a thriving industry because it involves the construction of commercial properties. These include schools, malls, office buildings and even roads and bridges. As long as there is a need for commercial development and population growth, there will always be a need for commercial general contractors and this is where JYM contracting services stand out for superior quality.

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Exactly what does a commercial general contractor do?

Within a commercial setting, the commercial general contractors here at JYM contracting services have a lot of responsibilities that must be taken to ensure project success. These include but are not limited to

  • Hiring subcontractors as necessary

In the case of a large project, a general contractor will need to sub contract the work to smaller contractors that specialize in specific areas of work. These can range from electrical works to painting and carpentry.

  • Creating a scope of work for all parties involved in the construction

Creation of the general work plan or schedule is the work of a general contractor, and in it they carefully lay out the scope of work for all parties involved in the project. This helps to better compartmentalize the project as each subcontractor can then be expected to complete a specific task.

  • Liaising with the project owner and architect

When an architect draws up a plan for a client, it is the work of the general contractor to translate these drawings into reality through construction. As such there is a need for constant communication between the three parties, to ensure that the project is proceeding according to the wishes of all the parties involved.

  • Providing essential construction services

While a general contractor can hire subcontractors to complete certain tasks within a big project, sometimes they complete some essential service themselves. This may be in the case of a small commercial project or in the case where these are some tasks that no subcontractors are scheduled to carry out.

Understanding the scope of influence of commercial general contractors within a project can help project owners understand just what to expect from them in terms of service. Of course, it is important to ensure that your contractor is both insured and following the set commercial construction regulations of the land. This is not an issue of concern with JYM contracting services since every project is covered in case of any risks arising, and it gives you that much needed peace of mind. If you are living within the Atlanta area, then you are most welcome to consult with the commercial general contractors Atlanta GA has to offer in JYM contracting services.

Some of Our Work

Commercial Project to Rehabilitate the Deck of the Wynn

Here we have a commercial work done by JYM for a deck rehabilitation project for  the Wynn from almost full replacement without damaging stucco covered footings

Commercial Tile | Atlanta, GA

Commercial Tile is a rewarding process, the work may take a while because of the number of square feet of tile to be laid.  Our commercial works are designed by our professional staff and all materials and scopes are well defined which make the process faster and rewarding.

Commercial Dawn Fireplace for a Clubhouse | Atlanta, GA

Here is an example of a commercial dawn fireplace for a Clubhouse. This was a rehab project because an existing fireplace was in place but we are upgraded the entire project including the fireplace