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Fire or water damage incidents at a property can be quite the traumatic experience. In times like this it is important for the remedying measures taken to be swift, and for the fire and water damage restoration services to be of the utmost expertise. The specialists here at JYM Contracting Services are well trained in the practice of advanced techniques using state of the art equipment in order to handle projects of this undertaking with immediate action.

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Fire and water damage sometimes go hand in hand for property with installed sprinkler systems in case of fire emergencies, since the water that puts off the damaging fire also soaks the burnt structure. The same is also a regular occurrence with firefighting as firehoses douse everything, leaving behind moisture that weakens the structural core of a property. It is for this reason that fire and restoration companies such as JYM Contracting Services are always on call for the immediate restoration services they offer to damaged property.

Why you should contact JYM Contracting Services

  • Immediate response

Fire or water damage cases are some of the most accidental situations when they occur. This means that in the event that they do occur, fast action must be undertaken to counter their effects. This is why the professionals at JYM Contracting Services are trained to deliver fast response in such emergency situations, in order to successfully prevent any more damage to property. This saves on repair costs that would have increased if the damage had been left unchecked to weaken the structure further.

  • Expert level qualification

The team at JYM Contracting Services is adept at executing technical restoration practices. Our well trained technicians are able to carry out extensive repair as well as monitoring to ensure quality control throughout the entire restoration process. With us on board you can be sure that the quality of service you will get will be just as good as it is fast.

JYM Contracting Services’ fire and water damage restoration process includes

  • Initial assessment of the extent of the damage
  • Clean up and removal of any water and debris
  • Extensive drying  of the water-soaked parts of the property
  • Comprehensive repair of damaged sections of the property.

Rapid action is vital to successful fire and water damage restoration. Contact JYM Contracting Services today and receive immediate response and skilled workmanship in the restoration of your property.