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In the event of a fire on your property, the effects can be devastating. The aftermath after it has been put out can be troubling, and can get even worse if not remedied immediately. This is why immediate action should be taken, and where fire damage restoration professionals at JYM Contracting Services are on call for a rapid response.

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Fire is dangerously destructive, razing down even the sturdiest of components in its wake. While it may immediately consume parts of a structure, damage can also come from the effects of smoke. Given enough time, smoke can severely degrade a lot of structural components as well.

Why choose JYM Contracting Services

When it gets to expert work, JYM Contracting Services stands among the very best fire restoration companies. Our staff consists of professionals with specialized training in handling extensive fire damage cleanup and repair of any damage incurred. With skill and precision, we can get your property back to its original state in good time.

The team at JYM Contracting Services is always well prepared for emergency situations caused by fire damage. It is our policy to act rapidly in order to not only prevent further sustained damage to your property, but to also help you get your life back to normal quickly in recovering from such a traumatizing experience.

The fire damage restoration process

  1. The JYM Contracting Services team arrives on site immediately and begins an assessment of the extent of the damage. This will help to formulate a plan of action for the entire process, with a detailed assessment report for all parties involved in the restoration process.
  2. We begin a thorough clearing process, removing any debris and salvaging any items that are still in good state. This also includes the thorough removal of any soot accumulated in any part of the structure.
  3. With the area cleared out and cleaned the work space is now ready for extensive repairs. This could include a number of services, from construction work to replace completely removed structural components to further cleaning of any other non-fire related parts of the property.

A thorough restoration service will return your property to its original state before the fire, if not better. Working together with you and relevant insurance services, JYM Contracting Services’ fire damage contractors can help you recover from this harrowing experience in as little time as possible.