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Your floor is the one part of your home that you will have the most contact with. As a result, it is also the part that is subject to the most wear and tear while also being easily the most noticeable part of any room. At JYM Contracting Services we believe that while wear on your floor is inevitable, it does not need to be permanent. This is why our floor restoration services are among the best at giving you back your beautiful floor once more.

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Our flooring and repair services

  • Hardwood refinishing

Companies that refinish hardwood floors are indeed few and far between. Thankfully, JYM Contracting Services has in its employ a host of staff that is skilled in hardwood floor refinishing thanks to extensive training. You are guaranteed that the true beauty of your floor will be revealed after our comprehensive treatment.

  • Floor installation

If you are putting up a property and need new floors, we are always a call away for professional installation. From tile to wood and laminate flooring, we will install any type of flooring you need in any room with the utmost expertise.

  • Floor repair and restoration

Maybe there has been some kind of damage to your floor. Perhaps you wish renovate an old property for use today. In any of these cases, immediate skilled floor restoration services are what you need. With JYM Contracting Services, you can be sure that we will put in work to bring your floors back to their best possible state in good time.

We will replace any damaged subfloors so that you don’t have to worry about your floors wearing out faster in the future. Not only will we replace any cracked tiling, but the grout will also be thoroughly cleaned in the process.

The team of JYM Contracting Services professionals will arrive at your property in good time and conduct a proper assessment of your situation before laying out a plan for refinishing, installation or repair as necessary. These works will then be carried out with proper tools and equipment that make the end result very neat.

With JYM Contracting Services your flooring needs will be met with expertise and professionalism in order to quickly give you the perfect floors. Our top notch workmanship will always speak for itself, backed up by our years of experience in the floor repair and installation business.