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What to expect from your foundation repair project

In truth, your home may probably be the one of the biggest investments that you will ever make.  So it can be quite the cause of concern when the very foundation of your home is troubled. However, it is possible for foundational problems to be resolved thanks to the work of residential foundation repair contractors like the experts at JYM contracting services who work so tirelessly to fix troubled foundations.

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Spotting foundational problems

While problems in foundation cannot be fixed in a simple do-it-yourself way, there are ways that you can be able to identify them, just like most home foundation repair professionals at JYM contracting services can.

  • Cracks on the walls or the floor

    This is perhaps the biggest tell. Cracks often occur when the foundation is unstable, so you should contact a foundation contractor for an assessment when you notice this.

  • Slanting or sagging of certain areas the floor

    This may be an indication that the foundation is either not sturdy, or is simply uneven.

  • Sticky doors or windows

    It may be a sign of poor foundation when you have doors and windows that either don’t close well or get stuck when they do.

Foundation Repair Services

There are many causes of foundation issues which include swelling or shrinking of the soil underneath the property, or the initial poor compaction of the soil when the property was built. The foundation contractors here at JYM contracting services will often carry out an extensive survey of your home and the area around it in order to determine the state of the foundation.

  1. The house is prepared in a number of ways during standard residential foundation repair. Some of the tasks undertaken during this time include the disconnection of certain nearby utilities that may hinder the work and the clearing of any vegetation around the foundation area.
  2. Columns referred to as pilings are pushed into the ground in order to lift and support the house as tunnels are continuously dug underneath to uncover foundational slabs and beams for assessment and repair.
  3. The concrete components of the foundations may need to be recast with appropriate reinforcement, before the area is cleaned up and the concrete left to cure so that it hardens. Any damaged utilities such as plumbing are then duly repaired as well.

When choosing your local foundation contractors, be sure to select foundation repair companies that are licensed and insured in order to ensure that the project is protected from any possible risks. The options for foundation repair Atlanta has to offer are always top quality, and among them JYM contracting services offers the best in dependable quality.

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Foundation Reconstruction

Foundation Repair

Foundation reconstruction in some cases is called foundation repair, the reason why is because here we’re not repairing a small portion of a foundation instead we are replacing the entire foundation around the structure which has to be lifted very carefully so all the weight that is carried by the outer bands is transferred into a safety load-bearing metal beam or other type of a structural beam in able to prevent the structure above the foundation to be completely damaged. However we going to see some damage from Sheetrock cracking but it would be something that could be repaired easier than demolishing the entire structure.

In the first steps of foundation repairs we pour a new footing and then we lift up a rock wall. After this rock wall is finished then we have the option to reinforce it with wood.

altanta foundation reconstruction
Instead of replacing the all fountation, there are many cases in which we can lift the structure and repair what is damaged

foundation repair completed
It is hard to see the work of a foundation project after completed because most of it would be covered with siding on sheetrock and other material. That being said if the foundation is not repaired you can see very funny cracks or separations between the wall coverings. That is why you have to make sure you hire a professional contractor that you can trust.

Here is a fine example of why reconstruction has to be done in stages, you cannot reconstruct or repair the porch foundation before you rebuild the water foundation since It won’t have the capability to sustain the load from the house above it