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A home is a huge investment, and so it is understandably frustrating when your beautiful home suffers as a result of water damage. Water damage remediation companies can be pivotal to the restoration of your home in the event of such a traumatic experience. Here at JYM Contracting Services, we pride ourselves in the delivery of immediate water damage restoration services to get help you reclaim your property once more.

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Causes of Water damage

  • Plumbing problems

From clogged drains to leaky pipes, plumbing issues are among some of the most abundant water damage causes to date.

  • Heavy downpours on damaged parts of the structure

More often than not, a leaky roof or a damaged gutter will let in water whenever it rains. This can accumulate and soak parts of a structure, leading to extensive damage.

  • Natural disasters

These are by far the most inevitable causes of damage. As rare as they are however, natural disasters can cause extensive water damage through sudden and intense flooding to property.

The water damage restoration process

When the JYM Contracting Services team arrives at the site, they meticulously follow through with the restoration process.

  1. First an assessment of the extent of water damage is done in order to determine the scope of work that will go into the restoration of the property.
  2. In a case of flooding, there is immediate extraction of the water from the property in order to clear the area for repair and to prevent any more damage from the flooded water.
  3. The  entire affected area undergoes thorough dehumidification in order to clear away any moisture that may have soaked into the various elements of the structure
  4. Any parts of the area affected by the side effects of water damage such as molding are cleared away in a process of thorough removal of severely damaged parts and the sanitization of the entire area.
  5. Comprehensive restoration works are carried out to repair any of the damaged sections of the property. If it was a plumbing issue, additional repair to points of the area that may have caused or contributed to water damage such as leaky piping and roofing is also carried out at this point to prevent any future occurrences of the same problem.

Water damage is reversible with an excellent water remediation company like JYM Contracting Services working around the clock for you.