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Atlanta General Contractors - General Contractors

We can provide a full and pleasant general contractor experience on your remodeling. We are specialized in the remodeling of residential and commercial properties. JYM is an Atlanta remodeling company with many years of experience, outstanding customer service and a great quality of work.

As a general contractor, we like to "get our hands dirty". We take a "hands-on" approach to every project, maintaining the highest safety and quality standards in the contracting and remodeling business.

We would like you to consider us your one point of contact for any details or issues involved with your remodeling project; consider us your "one-stop-shop". We can provide all of the services and materials needed to complete the remodeling, plus we will offer support at all phases of the project.

We have the resources to address any issues, assist special needs of the client and provide continuous budgeting assessments throughout the duration of your project. Our job as General contractors is not only to construct and remodel; We will also assist you by preparing a detailed schedule for the project, constantly evaluate our performance and approach, and always seek better alternatives to serve you.




Atlanta Roofing Contractor

In the past two years, Georgia has experience a lot of storms and rain. For this reason, damage to roofs has increased due to the high speed winds of the storms and in some cases hail. Fortunately, this damages are cover by your home insurance. If you think you have some of this damages give us a call for a free consultation. We can set up a meeting with your insurance adjuster and replace your roof at minimum cost to you.

When hiring a contractor to do you roof you should be very careful especially because of the liability you have when there is people working on your roof, that may fall and die on your property. Here at JYM Contracting Services, your local roofing contractor,  we have not only liability insurance that covers your property but also Workers Compensation that covers all our employees in case of an accident.



Atlanta General Contractors - Wall Framing, Decks, Porches.

Wall Framing in Atlanta

Here at JYM Contracting Services, your Atlanta home remodeling, we are experts on wood frame and metal frame.  We can adjust and remodel any wall, stairs, deck, trim, floor or roofline. Wall framing is one of specialties. Framing a right a wall is the fundamental key for any house and basement. Let us frame your basement walls at the right price with all the specifications required by the International building code.





Atlanta General Contractors - General Demolition Services

istock_000009923758small.jpgJYM Contracting Services, Inc. specializes in interior demolition. We take care of anything from the demolition of tile, carpet and sheetrock, to the demolition of counters, walls, and dropped ceilings. Our demolition processes are carefully planned to minimise noise and pollution and to maximise the re-use of materials.

All projects are handled with the utmost concern for safety of both the client and our employees. Our remodeling crews understand the importance of performing tasks that require stringent controls with regard to dust and noise.

We would appreciate the opportunity to assist with your demolition needs. Call us today for more information about our Demolition Services in Atlanta and other cities!




Exterior Painting and Interior Painting

JYM contracting services is your local painting company and Wall Covering company dedicated to provide real solution services to home owners and business owners in its painting and renovation needs. Here at JYM Contracting Services, you will find the most qualified and expert painters in Atlanta. We have many years of experience and many gallons have been applied with the best quality. We are painting contractors with personalized crews that will help you with your house painting.



Atlanta General Contractor - Bathroom Remodeling


 Whether you just need the plumbing fixed, or you'd like your bathroom remodeled into a center of relaxation, elegance and luxury, JYM Contracting is here to help you with your remodeling project!

Our crew experts perform the highest quality workmanship in Atlanta and other cities. We work efficiently and timely, and will treat you and your property with great respect. We can help you with the design and construction of your bathroom including tile installation, showers install, bathtubs, jacuzzi install, granite installation, and plumbing adjustments.




Atlanta General Contractor - Wall Paper Installation


We offer paperhanging services to both residential and commercial clients in the Atlanta area, including color planning and interior design services. We do all types of wallpaper installation, no matter the pattern or the finish. From our expertise in wallpaper services, we know the importance of a good wallpaper contractor, and how wallpaper projects are extremely important since they really do give that specific space a personal look. Our services include, but are not limited to:

o    Wallpaper Installation
o    Wallpaper Removal
o    Wallpaper Repair
o    Wall Prep - for paper or paint
o    Wall Repair
o    Upholstered Walls


Atlanta General Contractors - Flooring Installation & Demolition

Tile Installation

At JYM Contracting Services, Inc. we believe that floors are the foundation of beauty in every property. Whether you are building a new home, remodeling an existing hotel, or just want to add that finishing touch to a specific room or office, we are here to help you in your remodeling project!
We specialize in hard surface flooring installation and flooring removal,  including every type of hardwood, laminate, tile, granite, marble, ceramic, porcelain, travertine, and stone.  We are the go-to company for any type of flooring installation services in Atlanta and the Southeast region.

As an experienced and reliable General contractor company in Atlanta, we are committed to provide you with high quality materials that will add durability and elegance to your project.





Atlanta General Contractors - Drywall Repairs & Installation


JYM Contracting Services has a vast experience in drywall installation and repairs. As a general contractors, we will provide you with an extraordinary team of qualified workers that will help you with your remodeling project.

Installing a drywall brings many benefits to your remodeling project. First of all, it is a very versatile material that you can manipulate in several different ways. Also, the process of installation requires less time and labor, which can translate to less cost. Drywall also helps to reduce noise along with having fire-resistant properties due to the water in the boards. Based on our experience in Atlanta and other cities, we can proudly say that we are experts when it comes to drywall installation.

No matter what problem you are having with your drywall it can be corrected. Nail pop, poorly finished drywall joints, loose drywall tape, loose or cracking metal corners, water damage, etc. Just call us today, and leave everything in our hands… we will take care of it all!




Atlanta General Contractors - Wall Texture & Ceiling Finishes


istock_000003873673xsmall.jpgThere are hundreds of options when it comes to add texture to your walls, but which one is the right one for your project? JYM Contracting services, Inc possess the knowledge to help you in this not so easy decision.We provide our clients in Atlanta and other cities with the advice they need to move forward with their project, and we have the expertise to finish your project properly and timely.

As a General Contractor, we are committed to apply the texture correctly and evenly so it doesn't look unattractive once it is dried and painted. After we are done, we will leave your property with the sense of timeless sophistication and elegance.

We also offer ceiling finishes services for your remodeling project. We can fix any issue related to your ceiling, no matter what. However, in today’s world, a ceiling is not just a simple cover over the house to protect people from the harsh weather conditions. The ceiling has grown from necessity to style statement, and we can help you bring that style to your space. We are full of fresh renovating ideas that will bring an innovated sense to your property. Again, big or small, we can get your remodeling project done! 




Atlanta General Contractors - Granite Countertops




JYM Contracting Services, Inc is proud to offer our clientèle in Atlanta and other cities, with Granite installation services.We are extremely qualified, and we will perform and complete your remodeling project in a timely manner. You will be extremely satisfied with our job, and the excellent customer service that we give to each individual customer.

Graniteis one of the loveliest building materials available because it brings thatclassy and sophisticated look to any space.  Granite has many differentcolors present in the stone and each countertop created from granite is uniquebecause each piece of stone used to create the countertop is unique. We havechosen Granite as one of our favorite materials to work with because it isdurable, strong, and easy to maintain. It is said that the only thing strongerthan Granite is a diamond, which assures the client that granite will last formany many years!



Atlanta General Contractors - Electrical & Plumbing

istock_000008833741xsmall.jpgOur crew has years of experience in Atlanta helping other clients like you with their electrical and/or plumbing needs! Your satisfaction is our number one priority, and we work extremely hard to provide our clients with the best materials and the best labor possible to complete your remodeling or repairing project. 

In the electrical field, we are experts replacing breaker boxes, meter bases, rewiring residential and commercial properties, wire for water heaters, garbage disposals, plugs, switches, ceiling fans, and any other electrical things the client might need.

As far as plumbing goes, we replace water lines, add clean outs for sewer lines, fix water lines underground, can inspect sewer lines with camera, repair and replace stools and lines, address kitchen and bathroom issues, we can replace vanity faucets, garbage disposals, and replace sinks, as well as adding tub or shower drains. 






The goal of millwork is to enhance the details of the interior and exterior of your property.
JYM Contracting Services, Inc. provides full service millwork, such as custom exterior, interior door packages, custom entry units, restoration windows, fixed sash windows, radius casings and moldings, shutters, cobbles, and much more!

We will install…
·    Doors & entryways
·    Trims & moldings
·    Stairways & railings
·    Cabinetry
·    Countertops
·    Walls & ceilings
·    Archways
·    Columns




FF&E Removal & Replacement

  dsc00074.jpgWe understand that FF&E is a significant investment. When you trust JYM Contracting with your FF&E needs, we take that responsibility very serious. Our team has years of experience managing all aspects of FF&E Removal & Replacement.

JYM Contracting will work with you through every phase of the Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment process. We will not only install your FF&E, but we will also place the orders to the warehouse, receive deliveries, have an inventory control, install it professionally and we will take care of the removal and storage of existing FF&E for reusage or re-sale to other parties.